Roof Cleaning in Shepton Mallet

Roof Cleaning in Shepton Mallet

Shepton Mallet is a nice place to live according to local residents. The town is friendly and welcoming and although the town could do with rejuvenation in some areas, Shepton Mallet has a lot going for it. This market town still has a lively weekend market and although there are some empty spaces on the High Street, there are plenty of independent shops and cafes as well as major chains.

According to a survey, there is a high level of home ownership in the town. Over 70% of homes are owner occupied and house prices in Shepton Mallet are fairly low especially when compared to places such as nearby Glastonbury or Wells.  It seems likely that Shepton Mallet will continue to be popular in its own right as well as a great place to live if you work in areas such as Frome or Bath.

If you are a home owner in Shepton Mallet it is important to ensure that your home is well maintained and in good condition. One way of doing this is to have your roof and gutters cleaned professionally.

Although roof and gutter cleaning is sometimes overlooked these tasks are important.

According to insurers, leaky or blocked guttering is a major cause of household damp. In addition, a clean roof in Shepton Mallet protects your property from damage caused by moss growth and algae. In wet climates, moss can be a real problem. It grows under the roof tiles and not only interferes with heat absorption, but it can also cause tiles to become damaged or cracked especially if it freezes.

You can of course, clean your roof and your gutters yourself but this is not recommended. If you use a pressure washer on these areas you will probably cause serious damage because most properties cannot withstand the high pressure water jets.

A professional roof cleaning company in Shepton Mallet will be able to clean your gutters and roof, efficiently and safely. Most companies use a low-pressure wash system to clean the roof and a wet and dry vacuum system for the guttering.

In most cases your contractor will be able to work from ground level by the use of extendable water fed poles but if it is necessary to gain access to the roof, your contractor will be able to do this safely.

Once the roof cleaning has been completed, you can choose to have your roof protected with a biocide treatment to prevent mossy regrowth.

Check out your roof cleaning services in Shepton Mallet and you will probably be surprised at just how inexpensive and easy this can be. It is a great way to add the wow factor to your property by bringing the natural colour back to your roof. In addition, it makes your home look well maintained and well cared for.

One great advantage of having your roof cleaned in Shepton Mallet is that it checks over the condition of these hard to see areas. This means that if you do have any issues with your guttering or your roof, you can be aware of them before they develop into an expensive problem