Roof Cleaning in Surrey

There are some stunning properties in Surrey and in a county that is one of the most populous in the UK, you have plenty of choice if expensive and upmarket property is your passion! Of course not everyone who lives in Surrey, lives in a mansion but one point unites all homeowners regardless of size and that is the need to keep up with home maintenance.

Roof Cleaning Surrey

An important job that is sometimes overlooked is roof cleaning yet when it comes to cosmetic improvements roof cleaning is (literally) high on visual impact.  A clean roof that is bright and has maintained its natural colour makes the whole property look crisp, bright and well cared for.

By contrast a roof that is dirty and moss covered makes the property look neglected and uncared for.  You can’t hide a dirty roof; it is very visible and out there for the entire world to see.

The good news is that roof cleaning in Surrey is very easy to arrange. Whether you live in one of the major towns such as Woking or Guildford or out in one of the smaller villages such as the mysteriously named Abinger Hammer, you can find a reputable roof cleaning service in your area.

Can you clean your roof yourself?

You can clean your roof yourself of course, but this job is not for the faint hearted and it won’t be cheap! Roof cleaning requires the use of specialised equipment and techniques especially when it comes to old historic properties. You can’t use a pressure washer or it will damage the tiles and access to the roof is always a problem.

By contrast, a professional roof cleaning service in Surrey will be able to offer you a first-class job. Roof cleaning is usually carried out by using a low-pressure wash or steam clean and in many cases, the cleaning can be carried out from ground level. If scaffolding or the use of a cherry picker is needed, such as in the case of larger properties, you can leave it to the professionals to arrange.

Use a professional roof cleaner

In addition a professional roof cleaning service will be able to provide you with the correct methods for your property. In some cases the roof will be scraped free of moss by the use of specialised scraping tools before low pressure washing. In addition your roof cleaners can provide extras such as a biocide spray to kill all moss and algae and coat your roof with a protective treatment for added long term protection.

Roof cleaning can prolong the life of your roof by removing moss and algae which can damage tiles and structure so it is worth doing for purely practical reasons. However for most people the cosmetic effect makes it worth doing alone.

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Property in Surrey is expensive and you want your home to look its best. Professional roof cleaning brings back the wow factor to the appearance of your home and whether you are looking to sell or you just don’t want to be the house that lets down the neighbourhood, it will add value to your property.